Beijing Mechanical International Trade Co. Ltd.
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Beijing Mechanical International Trade Co. Ltd. has authorized by the national foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau and the Customs, which is the import and export trading company. The company has a strong economic foundation, widespread contacts, advanced technology and personnel allocation, and a wide range of product information network. Our business partners are all over the world. Now we has become the  agent of many European and American manufacturers in China, such as German TECHNO-PARTS seal, the German HANSA-FLEX pressure transducer, American Thermo-Fisher thickness gauge etc. The company mainly provides mechanical and electrical automation products for the large state-owned iron and steel, machinery manufacturing enterprises in the North China, especially has a excellent business base and outstanding application performance in metallurgical industry. The company will continue to innovate, depending on the quality of life, and wholeheartedly provides the  cost-effective products and meticulous customer service control service for you.